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Evaluations - First Touch

What's tested: 1st touch on the ball, ability to control the ball

How set up:

  • Use the rebound wall (if trying this at home, please note that a ball will rebound off a concrete wall much faster and harder than off the wooden rebound wall)
  • For U10s, place a line parallel to the wall 3 yards away from it
  • For U12s and U14s, place a line parallel to the wall 4 yards away from it
How run:
  • From outside the line, player must kick ball against the wall hard enough that it returns to them outside the line.
  • Player should control the ball when it returns to them outside the line so that they can immediately set up the next kick
  • Balls that fail to return to the line must be retrieved by the player so that they can kick again from behind the line.
  • U10s can receive and kick with any foot
  • U12s and U14s must kick with alternate feet.  They can either receive with the same foot they kicked with or they may receive with the other foot, no alternating required on the receiving of the ball.
  • No one-touch passing allowed, any balls one-touched do not count
  • Number of times the ball rebounds off the wall in 1 minute
Instructions to players:
  • See the "How run" section
  • U11 and above must alternate feet or rebound will not count
Instructions to adjudicators
  • Start the timer when player is ready (either the player or the adjudicator can say "go")
  • Let timer run for 1 minute and count the number of rebounds.
  • If U11 or above the  rebound counts only if kicked with alternating feet
  • Let player know when time is up